So who's getting a 2016 Miata?


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Someone boost one and post pics!
I have yet to see a nice, boosted ND in person. Hell, the only ones I have seen have either been in magazines or on the internet as someone's shop car.

One of you guys, Hit up Flyin' Miata and get back to us. (naughty)


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Ceramic baby! We bought this on the last day of the year.

ended up selling the SP23

Sad, I loved that one.

Very nice! Ceramic is my favorite color for the ND.

That SP23 is nice too, another classic color combo that Mazda offered.

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I thought about it, but I really wanted the whole top down experience. I think this car will attract a group of buyers that never would have considered a rag top.

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This thread may have gone a bit dead, but I'll add my sorry tale anyway...

The ultimate answer for me is no, sadly I won't be getting one soon. sniff.. sniff... is that a violin playing in the background?

However, as part of the decision making process of purchasing my latest car I contrived to test drive a 2ltr RF manual and a 2ltr Roadster auto. Top down, up a twisting hilly road. Oh yeah!!!

First things first, WHY is it even offered in automatic? Are you kidding me? Do you know the pleasure you miss out on when you let it shift for itself?

Ok, so getting in it for a mid 40s 185cm tall bloke is not the easiest. But once you're in it, its very comfortable. The handling is fantastic, the engine note is a joy. Yeah.... hmm...

Anyway, the dealer had an unsold 2016 ROadster GT (it was well into MY17 at that time) that I could get for quite a discount.

Alas, I chickened out, I never even broached the subject with The Boss. She doesn't even know I took those test drives. No, I dutifully got the 2 Maxx instead. Still with a manual of course!