Shudder under braking

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Hello, all

So I replaced my stock pads and rotors up front back in November of 2018 with Power Stop brand pads and rotors. They've been fine up until about a month ago I started developing a shudder under braking. The shudder is pretty heavy at speeds above 65mph and goes away below 55mph. The feeling is a hard front end shudder, but it doesn't affect steering input at all. My wife says she feels it in the wheel, but I don't. I did not bed the brakes, as I didn't know that was part of the process. Every brake video and "DIY" guide I read never talked about bedding the brakes; however, I've also heard it's not necessary for street cars.

Anyway, I've driven at least 2k miles since then. I thought that it might be the rear brakes, as they're pretty old. However, I did the "pull the e-brake" trick at speeds about 65mph and didn't get any shudder, so I'm wondering if it's the fronts. I read that if it's a warped rotor then it's better to just replace the rotors AND pads (as the pads will have worn unevenly) rather than have them resurfaced.



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Might be warped. You could look at the pad to see if they have uneven wear
If the shutter is in the steering wheel when braking, its front rotors. Id machine them as its cheap and see how it goes
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I always re-torque the nuts after coming back from dealership.
Can't trust these airtools and people who use them.
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I have the same shudder issue, but it seems to come and go. Sometimes I feel it one day, the other I don't.

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