Show us your CX-30


Pic threads are always fun especially when people get creative and or showcase new accessories, upgrades, wheels etc...It would be great to get one going for the CX-30. Although I don't personally have one (would love one though), I can start this thread off with some of my own pics from Osaka Automesse.



Thanks for sharing those pics, @XTL!

Your CX-30 looks fantastic...That ceramic coating not only protects but makes it a thing of beauty.


What do you drive Antoine?
Nothing at the moment! Sold my Cosmo and I've just been saving while I ponder what my next vehicle / Mazda might be...Actually I don't need a car to commute so I can take my time.

Thanks for the question, let's keep this thread on topic though...I want to see more CX-30s! :love:
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An AWD Polymetal Gray (looks blue-ish to me) that I picked up last week. I only took a short test drive at the dealership and have since driven it about 150 miles - it's drives very nicely and is much quieter than expected. It's not my daily driver and I own two other Mazdas I bought new - a 2000 Millenia (79,000 miles) and a 2006 Mazda3 (150,000 miles).



Work In Progress..
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Nice wheel choice! The blue looks great.

I think it's the wheels and the perspective, but the CX-30 looks bigger than the CX-5 in the last pic..
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Comparison, they are very similar but the 5 is a tad taller and more space in backseat. Trunk space seems the same. The 30 comes abnormally lifted, gonna have to fix that. Alot of CX-30 owners prefer that height but I think its too much
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