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Show me your wheels


2013 CX-5 GT AWD w/tech (Mar'12-Jul'14)
looks photoshopped...

if not, what size type wheels? what suspension?
Yes, looks kinda fake (athough the dirt on the tire tread adds realism) and it's not especially helpful without wheel maker/style/diameter/width/offset and tire brand/model/sizing, not to mention suspension mods.
2012 Mazda 2
Here's all the info you need on CJ Wilson's Mazda CX-5. ;)

Straight from CJ Wilson -

Hi Chaps,

Below is the copy that I am intending to send to DSport this morning along with images the shots of the car that you have already supplied. If you have any comments, please get them to me as soon as you can. I have basically just tidied it up and slightly edited the copy.

- The Mazda CX-5, designed and tuned by CJ Wilson Racing

- Base model is a 2013 Mazda CX-5 GT

- Custom coilover package developed in conjunction with ProParts Engineering

- Koni dampers

- Breyton 19x9.5" BE Sport wheels

- BFGoodrich g-force Sport COMP-2 tires in 245/45/19

- MAZDASPEED Cold Air Intake

The car is CJs personal car and is based at his home in LA. Between street and highway driving the car achieves 28 mpg.

- CJs comments on the project

The idea behind the project was to enhance the new, Ikuo Maeda developed, Kodo design language, introduced by Mazda with the CX-5, by lowering the vehicle and creating an aggressive stance.

We wanted to enhance the SkyActiv philosophy even more, making a vehicle that was even more fun to drive and beautiful to look at while further improving the already class leading MPG figures. Ultimately, the work with ProParts has allowed us to improve upon the already stellar handling characteristics of the stock vehicle. The larger BFGoodrich tires make for a huge leap in grip levels. A cold air intake steps up the already excellent fuel economy of the 2.0 direct injected SkyActiv engine coupled with the unique design of the transmission. Manual mode is truly manual, while there is a torque converter for smooth getaways. Overall, the goal was to make a class leading crossover into a head-turning, corner-carving vehicle like no other on the road. And then offer it for sale!

This is our "lite" version and we are going to work on more aggressive tuning packages once more engine choices become available. An exciting range of cars like this will soon become more readily available at our dealership.

- Notes on CJ Wilson Mazda, Countryside, Illinois.

CJ acquired the Countryside, Illinois based, CJ Wilson Mazda in June of this year. The dealership has been the premier Mazda dealership in Chicago for the last 3 years and it was important for CJ and his team to hit the ground running and learn from this incredibly successful operation. In its second full month of operation, CJ Wilson Mazda regained its position as the number one dealership in the region. CJs approach to his profession is equally as evident at the dealership where he demands the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

- Details for any readers requiring more information on the CJ Wilson Mazda CX-5.

Please contact:

Eric Vates at CJ Wilson Mazda on 708 354 2700 or email evates@cjwilsonmazda.com

Looking forward to earning your business,
Zoom Zoom Forever,
Eric E Vates
General Manager
CJ Wilson Mazda
Your #1 Volume Mazda Dealer in 2009,2010,2011 and 2012!!
708-485-0006 direct line

2013 Mazda CX-5 touring, 2014 Mazda 6 I touring
Question: would anyone know if you can push the width a bit to 10 or even 10.5?
2013 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD, Black Mica, Tech
If you wanted to know what the stock 19's look like paint, I did this in a low gloss finish.
This is almost exactly what I want to do, only I want my done in a powder coat flat. Looks great.

I actually like the stock 19's on this car...well, except for the color.


ya ya ya boost junkie!!!
Look's good.
But are there any damages on the front wheels ( photo 4 ) ?
On a german or dutch Mazda site i came across RX8 wheels, with the 10 tiny holes closed by welding or body filler.
Before repainting them ( Black or Anthracite )
I've been wanting to do exactly that to the ones on my six. Got a link to that?


San Antonio, Texas
'15 CX-5 Miata AWD
New 20" Wheels/Tires will post better pics when I get a chance.
[/URL] [/IMG]
2018 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD+Tech / SoulRed+ParchmentWhite
winter setup is in for my GT, (yes) those will be on the car early November unless mother nature decides to dump some snow before...

What is a good offset to have the rims align flush with the outside of the fender without sticking out? I was looking online for 19" or 20" rims.

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