Show me your wheels

2013 CX-5 FWD touring Bose/Moon. 2006 Tacoma.
I had to put rings on to get a nice tight fit. The wheels are 18x8.5, off 40, CB 73.1 I got them from KX Wheels in Vancouver BC. The only cost $155. The tires cost me $164 and they are a sick looking tire, they have a great sidewall that sticks out wider than other tires which makes it next to impossible to get road rash on the rims
I had the same tires on my TL and ended up not liking them. After a while they got real loud even though they were wearing fine. Went with michelins and it was like driving a different car.
The difference was amazing... so was the difference in the price of the tire. LOL
2013 Mazda CX-5
Ya know what, it is funny you say that. I have found that I am not crazy about how the tires feel on the road, though do like how they look. I will see how they wear before I say weather or not I will get them again or recommend them.
mazda cx-5 ts+leasepack
They are also available in gold/black and in total 7 different colors

I also considered this design but i thought the blingblingfactor was to high
2013 Mazda CX-5
looks nice! i think you made the better choice of the two rim styles you posted. I think the other choice is too flashy as well.
2013 CX-5 GX FWD (Touring)
TSW Donnington 22x9.5 265/35/22 Yokohama Prada Spec-X
Very nice. The Doningtons (machined face) were one of the original rims I was hoping to get but alas it never came to be. Careful on the curbs with those bad boys.
interested in 19" oem wheels..

Just ordered some Borbet LV5s (18x8in)

Will be selling my stock 19in rims once they arrive in very early September.
how much you gonna sell them for? am interested ..have 17" gonna upgrade anyway...let me know...