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audi a4
Open question to anyone running staggered 20s on a 2019-2020 GT awd. Have you experienced any adverse handling effects of the staggered setup? I've been stressing for months over new wheels to get rid of the skinny 225s. I want to go 20x9 +40 on the front and wider rear but am concerned about handling in an emergency situation.

From what I can see in the forum, I think a 20x9+40 with a 255 tire should fit flush on the front with no poke.



@ancolx Looks awesome, are the black wheels painted by you or are they stock?
I bought these rims used off Kijiji for $300 so can't complain, but they are 19 inch off of another CX-5 but the gap in the wheel well is really bothering me. Should I sell them and get bigger rims or lowering springs?
are the tires OEM size of 225/55/19? you can run 235/55/19(29.2" diameter), taller sidewall reduces gap, or 245/50/19(28.6") a hair smaller than OEM but beefier cross section(shoulder-to-shoulder) fills gap laterally.

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Hey, haven't seen this asked, so I'm wondering if OP (or anyone else) can tell me which rims these are? They look great!

The black wheels are Enkei TM7, and I think the silver wheels are Avant Garde M580.
The black wheels are Enkei TM7, and I think the silver wheels are Avant Garde M580.
Sweet, thanks. I think after checking them out, my favourites are still the Avant Garde M510s you guys helped me identify earlier. They're so clean, and I just love the look of a machined face on a black CX-5 (what I originally intended to purchase), though I sometimes look twice at the Machine Gray or Polymetal Gray in the showrooms...