Show me your wheels

My new baby, a 2016.5 Touring w/some upgrades, getting her first wash (with me). Just replaced stock 17s with matte black 19s and Continental CrossContact LX25s

It’s Titanium Flash Mica, which I’d never seen before and hated in the pictures on the listing, but LOVE in person.



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2021 CX-5 GT Turbo
Hey guys, I got a new 2021 Mazda CX-5 GT-R. I'm looking to get better summer rims and tires, and wondering if they will rub: 19x8.5 ET+45 rims, 245/50-19 tires. Stock suspension. Thanks!
This will be the best time to purchase a new set of wheels in case you need one. Black Friday sale is ongoing to different shops. Make sure to read reviews about the brand and rim model first before proceeding to check out.
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2020 CX-5 GT
Decided to put wheels and tires on my wife's 2020 GT today. Sorry for the bad pic, it gets dark quickly this time of year in Minnesota!

Moda M27 19x8 45 offset with 245/50/19 Kumho ECSTA P51 tires. I have to say, lighter, wider wheels and stickier tires (but not too sticky) wake this car up a lot! It now handles like my 2008 X3 which was one of my favorite cars ever.
St. Michael, MN
2020 CX-5 GT
Thinking to switch to a 20" rim, or 19" looks fine?
Hard to tell from the photo. I kept 19's on my wife's car since she likes to run into curbs and just went wider on the rim and tire. From what I can see, I don't think you will get that much of a dramatic difference from a 20 inch rim.


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19s look like the sweet spot for the CX-5 IMO. Only downside might be tire size availability and options.
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I like to hit curbs too. Tires are good feelers, and should be proud of the wheels as far as I'm concerned :)

That's partially addressed on my car by immediately buying used rims from Craigslist that were pre-rashed and selling my pizza wheels. I didn't feel nearly as bad when I transferred some red paint to one courtesy of a Costco parking lot painted curb.
These are going on our ‘20 Sport in a couple days. Excited. Waiting until after my daughter takes her driving test tomorrow. Curbs involved.

specs: 19x8 et45 enkei racing pf05 with 235/50 Pirelli Scorpion Verde a/s plus 2. 55lbs wheel+tires. I knew the tires were a little heavier than other options, but I've had good luck with them.


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More info. Car drives great. A bit better road feel and sharper turn-in. The big surprise was the weight of the oe wheel/tire set: 49lbs (48.6). Really light. No wonder it feels so eager on the small wheels. I am a fan of the look of 19s but hard to argue with the performance of the 17s.


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It was one of the very first things I did when I got my CX-5 (second to window tint) so this is an old before/after from over a year ago. Opted to keep my 18's and went with Matte Black Petrol's. I remember when the guy brought it out he was all "You ready to see how this CX5 should have looked all along?! It's siiick! Close your eyes"! :ROFLMAO:

Still in love with them!


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13 CX-5
Hey guys. Just downsized my wheels to 16inch. Got poorly maintained roads during daily commute so downsizing is the way to go. Anyway. Here’s some pics and specs
Wheels: ViP Status Turismo 16x7 ET +38
Tyres: 235/70R16 Hankook Dynapro AT-M


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Got them on today, it's been raining constantly over here so the car is filthy. Tried to take a lot of different angles to show how they sit. I went with a mild stretch and the tires are perfectly flush. The 9" Bathurst has a decent concave the pictures don't do it justice. Also running Eibach springs but might need to switch to coil overs now.

TSW Bathurst 21x9 35et offset 245/35/21 Hankook tires

@sig-cx5 Nice wheels, I was thinking of getting the same wheels then I saw your setup. 😂 I was thinking 20x9.5 et35 255/45/20 though. I wanted to know if there is enough clearing of the strut/brake and is there any rubbing when you do a full turning of the wheels.