Should I undercoat my Protege5?

I have a P5 in Texas with almost no rust (couple of spots on the body panels). I'm moving to Oklahoma and I heard that they put salt on the roads, so I'm trying to figure out if undercoating is worth it... Any advice would be very appreciated.


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
Yes, do it!

Even if only once...

Find a place that drills holes in your car to get their spray wand in...You need to get the spray up inside your pillars and such...They have cool looking plugs to cap the holes.


The spray inside the pillars will stay there and protect the metal. The spray under the car will wash off and maybe need a yearly treatment.

It keeps nuts and bolts from seizing and breaking if you try to remove them. Well worth the 2-3 hundred dollars for the treatment.

When parts wear out on our P5, we can replace them cheaply.

When our frame rots out we replace the car.
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