Should I fix a dent on Machine Grey colour?

Mazda, CX5 / 2017
I got a small dent with scratches on driver side fender. I'm scared to notice the colour differences after getting it fix at a body shop. They all say, you won't because we use VIN number, paint halfway through driver side door and fade out.

Is there anyway I can bump it out? No access from trunk but underneath is all sealed with some plastic cover. My car is Mazda CX-5 2018 Machine Grey.



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Another user was able to hire a PDR tech to remove a dent in roughly the same spot (right on the fender line). However, he had a "softer" dent that didn't require paintwork. Judging by the deep scratches, even if you were able to pop the dent out, you'd still have those scratches. I think you'd be better off using PDR to try and pop the dent out, then either use a touch-up paint pen to try and hide the scratches, or just use a body shop and have them repaint.

Just to provide my experience - I had deep scratches on both sides of my car due to separate hit-and-run incidents (both rear fenders and doors, and the rear bumper). My car is a CX-9 with Machine Grey Metallic paint. I took it to a reputable body shop that has painted this colour before, and my car came out looking perfect.

If possible, see if you can get photos of the body shop's past work with MGM. Sometimes, if you do a google search of the shop's name and look at their reviews, you'll see photos of their work posted by the reviewer. You might get lucky and see a photo of an MGM repair posted by a previous customer that may help you decide.
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A good PDR guy, like the one I use, should be able to remove that dent. Also, they should be able to polish out those scratches. Definitely look into PDR before taking it into the body shop!
Really aggrevating to see this and hear other stories but I have to tell you, PDR is not going to be able to get that dent out due to the fact that the impact was hard and deep enough to actually stretch the metal and it will never go back to proper shape. It's also right on a body line so even more work is involved and doubly difficult. If you can feel the scratches with your fingernail then it's through the clear. You will need body filler and paint to be perfect again.
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Crease dent is not easy to fix DIY.
I would go with professional.
They can do magic.
Saw a guy on youtube fixed the rear hatch of a Lexus RX (yes, crease dents).
Almost like new after he was done. Amazing work.
Mazda, CX5 / 2017

I called few PDR places and got a price for $200 but I was told most likely the paint will get even more damaged. Plus they dont have a shop so I dono if I can really trust them with my Car (doing a good job).

I went to Mazda dealer and some guy from a bodyshop met me there. He gave me a price for 500-700, I went to another bodyshop and got quoted for 650. I am being told that I wont notice any colour variances even though my driver side door will be sprayed half way to fade out the new paint.

I bought a body repair kit from Amazon for 19.99 and it made the dent a bit better.


I think painting would be my best option.