Second Gen MS3 Cobb Stage 1+ Power Package Question

so I got the Cobb stage 1+ package. Is it supposed to come with an air box cuz I can’t seem to get it to fit and couldn’t find anything on YouTube... also with all the Cobb stuff on how safe is the Cobb stage 1+ ots tune


Thanks...I've moved your thread to our MS3 Forum and updated your title to be more descriptive. I personally don't own an MS3 but I did find this page...

I believe that might be the package you have (please verify for yourself of course) and there's a link to a Manual on the page as well...I hope that provides some assistance.

Hopefully others will chime in here to assist, good luck and keep us posted! :)

Ps...Have you tried contacting Cobb support? Maybe they can also answer some of your questions.


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Can only shed a bit of light on your topic. I've lurked and learned no one has had good experience with the ots tunes. Everyone suggests getting e-tuned. Purple Drank Tuning is a popular tuning company people use.

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