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I know this has been done before but has anyone adjusted to the seats or just adjusted them better? I was thinking about this with my 2015 and I never felt discomfort in the seats but I do remember it taking months to get it dialed in. The driving position is pretty vertical, almost chair like, and I'm just wondering if there are success stories in adapting to it.

My problem is that the CX-5 is pretty close to what I want in a crossover, but if it hurts in 20 minutes, and I can't adjust it, or rent one for a day to sort out, it's gotta be a no go.
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@dyingquail unfortunately seat comfort is subjective not objective. That is to say it is not similar to "hey the parking brake wont engage how do I fix that?" because that questions has a specific set of steps to take to diagnose and parts to replace.

For the question "has anyone adjusted to the seats or just adjusted them better" the suggestions are going to include 'have you followed the seat adjustment guidelines in the manual' 'have you tried a seat cushion' 'I love these seats - no problem here what are you experiencing?' 'this might not be the car for you' - comfort / soreness is a personal preference like tire ride comfort and music loudness.

If you have already read through this entire thread (and others below):

then -- yeah I don't think there is a magical one stop fix.

don't worry you are NOT alone:

seating position discussion:
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Recently I found that the seat (bottom pad of the seating) angle also plays a role. Decline it more and it gets decently comfortable but some of the leg support is lost. It's just the CX-5 seat design, not built for every person's body structure. :)