Scratch noise/slight delay in engine when gas pedal is pressed

I own a 2014 Mazda 2 sport manuel trans, 90,000 on the odometer. Recently noticed a slight scratching noise & slight delay from the engine when I press gas pedal in neutral for about 1 second before it actually starts revving. Also, I noticed its getting a little sluggish when accelerating not sure if the 2 are hand in hand issues. Never had a check engine light (knock on wood), no issues and general maintenance has been kept up, any information would help thanks!
Mazda 2 / RSTi / FJ80
When you say sluggish do you mean a constant sluggish feel through the power band as the car revs or does it bog down in a particular spot along the revs?

I know this video is for rough idle but it does go through how to clean your mass airflow sensor and also the throttle body. I think this is the free way to start the diagnosis without replacing anything.

Thanks for the reply. I pulled the IAC , MAF , and throttle body and cleaned them best I could with some MAF and throttle body cleaner. The delay in the throttle sounds and feels a little better. I definitely noticed the sluggishness in the gears went away (2K-4K rpms). It has its umph! back so to speak, nothing crazy but definitely feels alot better when opening the throttle up. Again thanks for the reply and video