SCCA Solo II event on the 19th.

Just wondering if anyone is planning or interested in attending the next SCCA Solo II event in Des Moines Iowa on the 19th of april?

I went to the first event this year in Council Bluffs IA yesterday just to watch and take a ride and I'm trying to get my car ready to actualy run in the next two weeks.

I got to ride along with a friend in his BP-T powered MX-3 and a Honda S2000 and it was awesome.

If you have never been I recomend trying it atleast once. Watching and riding are free so all you have to do is show up some time between 11AM and proabably 2-3 PM and it shouldnt be hard to hitch a ride.

If I'm driving and someone wants to ride I'd be more than happy to give a ride or two.
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