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Delete please

Please delete, most parts are gone.

Perhaps it is because i am using chrome, but the edit function was not visible the other day, and now it will not allow me to delete it myself.

Thank you


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Thread moved to Rotary marketplace.

One pic with signage (of a door handle) will not fulfill the requirements given the number of different items you are trying to sell. At a very minimum, you'll need signage photos of each major part of the car (ie, underhood, each side, each wheel, etc.) so that any item being sold is pictured in a photo with the signage. Please give me a time frame for when you'll be able to get the required photos posted.

Also - gift payments are not a legitimate method of payment for an item. Paypal prohibits this usage, and they also prohibit passing on a surcharge to the buyer. Have a look at Paypal's TOS if you are unclear on their policies. Fees are your responsibility as a seller; please price your items accordingly.