Rust Rust Rust.

Hey now!

Wondering if anybody had tips regarding rust on door trims. See pictures below. I was looking at the video from Chris fix as a guide and do it as a learning experience. My onky concern is if I sand too much the whole thing may break off. Is it even worth it to attempt the repair ?


The bubbling really adds texture to the flag sticker though. I appreciate the fact that the flag is going in the same direction as your car. Nice touch to detail.


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
If that was my car, I would just scrape off the loose rust then spray it with rust converter, then topcoat.

It would still be rough but it should look better and be sealed up to help slow down the rust.
2001 Mazda SP20 323
Yeah, that's pretty bad, good thing that bit isn't structural! My old van had the same trouble in that spot.

Cheapest/ easiest repair would be to replace the whole door, as it'll be a whole bunch of work to cut and replace that section properly. Next best solution would be scrape the loose stuff off and brush some converter/ inhibitor on it.
Yea. I been looking at my local pick n pull to see if i can find one with the same color that doesn't have any rust. I think what I can do is just to do a little sanding and see what happens