Roof Rack Questions and (Eventually) answers - 2018 CX5

Hey guys,

I have a couple questions that i could not get quick answers to in a search.

1) Why would you want to do a direct mount option on roof rails versus installing the factory rails?
2) What brand do you think is the best for cross rails and why?

My thoughts so far:
1) Factory rails only hold 100lbs "when evenly distributed." I have two kayaks and one alone weighs 80 lbs. I do not think this will cut it, but whats your experience so far?
2) I am leaning towards the Rhino Rack system for its complete versatility, but wow that price point shows some pride....
3) Apparently the rails do not raise the cross bars enough for some items to clear the antenna. This would pose a problem for single person lifting.
4) I just ordered KBYA-50-9H0A (right side) and KBYA-50-9L0A (left side) from my local dealer for $32 a piece. I am now leaning towards not having the rails as they dont come in black.

Before i spend the weekend doing an install on something i would just take off later, what inputs do you all have?

Once i have this completed, i will post the detailed pictures here and the rest in my build thread so people who are looking for answers can have this thread for the one stop shop. I saw a great post with pictures on the parts i just ordered, but nothing talking about the differences in the two mounting options to help me (or others) make the decisions for themselves.

As always, thank you all!!!

I would think to get the roof rails first just to have it distribute the weight evenly with what is ever on top. It also have the ability where you can slide the cross rails to be closer or further apart, this would let you carry a 2 foot box if you slide the rails closer or a 6 foot box if you extended them further away.

Also, if you have something say like a bike or a storage box on the roof and the cross bars are directly attached to the roof, all the pressure is directly on those 8 screws, so wind resistant will put pressure on those screws and more importantly your roof. What if you have a bike on the cross bars and hit the bike on accident, now you have damage to sheetmetal on the roof, which i'm sure would be a fortune to fix/repair.

As for rails not coming in black, take them to a local powder coating place and get them blacked out, or you might even be able to buy some spray on truck bed liner and use on them to make them black as well.

Thank you for this, i spent some time last night going through them and will be going through them again before sending in the order.

I see the benefit if the rails allow the bars to be locked into different positions, so i will be checking with the dealer today.

Thank you for the link!

I love how information varies. This looks legit and makes me feel a lot better about buying these versus the 500$ option i was looking at. I just do not understand why the parts team told me repeatedly, and showed me where they see the information at, that the rails are only rated for 100lbs. They have to lose sales because of this.
Ok, the plot thickens for me.

The dealer confirmed that the roof rack does hold 165lbs, as the 100lb limit was for the older model. The previous gen had elevated rails that allowed the cross bars to be put in multiple locations, limiting their weight capacity. So this generation does have a fixed cross bar position, even with the rails installed.

That said, most options all offer the same weight ratings and accessories. So if i want to stay with Rhino, i will need to go to a fixed mount with no rail. If i want Thule or the Y brand, i can install the rails and be in the same cost point. The only benefit (not taking any cosmetics into play) to the rail/cross bar combo is it "could potentially" elevate the load higher for antenna clearance and if i have the dealer install it they will fall under my factory warranty.

Food for thought as i decide what i like better. I even sought the wifes opinion to make sure this doesnt annoy her LOL.
So here are the thoughts so far:

Rhino Rack direct mount option with kayak accessories for now:
Pros: awesome accessories for future use (shade for sporting/camping) and side loading kayak options that make sense.
Cons: I wouldnt want to take them on and off regularly (weekly).

Thule (beaten to death on the forum) and tie into the roof rack.
Pros: Enough information on the forum to get what i need, factory look but better, swap ability in the future.
Cons: The rails will always be on the vehicle. I dont care for the silver look (powder coating would not be a priority). Side loading capability is expensive or limited compared to Rhino... and I wanted the Rhino brand from the start.

Same: cost is relatively close, they take up about the same room when taken off, they both wont risk scratching the car, they both will get the job done.

The wife doesnt care as of now.
Well here we go, more details coming later as i need to get some actual work done now... but...

Just purchased the direct mount Rhino Rack option from a vendor i have not used before but they come highly recommended from the manufacturer. So I ordered:
Towers/bars, bonnet straps, folding j hook, flat side loading, load assist bar, under track tie down mounts... and a hardware kit to modify one of the mounts.

So, my wallet hates me, but i am be back on the water soon..

Pics with details to follow
I believe you can, but after price matching and thinking of future options, I just bought everything from rhino to get me going. In the future, it will depend on price and applicability. But thankfully inset aside money when I sold my truck to pay for this type of stuff.
Here is the full breakdown for reference.

Rhino Rack Vortex 2500 Black 2 Bar FMP Roof Rack JA7748
Rhino Rack Nautic Kayak Carrier Side Loading 580
Rhino Rack Folding J Style Kayak Carrier S512
Rhino Rack Euro Fitting Kit KC-FK8
Rhino Rack Bonnett Anchor Strap RBAS
Rhino Rack Universal Side Loader RUSL
Rhino Rack VA Underside Tie Down Point Roof Rack S606
And the fun begins soon!