Roof Rack For The Mazda5 Thread

2012 Mazda5 Grand Touring
ROLA roof rack for the win.
I have the rola foot pack and cross bars. They are not as nice as the thule racks I've owned in the past. The hardware is a little cheaper and the install isn't as easy. Mine whistles but not too bad. Not sure if a deflector would fix it or not.
2012 Mazda 5 GT
Thule rack foot lifted (a problem!)

So I am resurrecting a post form this rack forum from way back in 2008 where Muoxfordoh spoke of a slight lift that happened when he over-tightened the bolts.

He said that this in turn was lifting the plastic rain gutter cover as illustrated in his picture

So I have the same problem and took it to the dealer today and they said don't worry about it it's just aesthetic and offered to replace the long plastic strip that goes over the rain gutter for $250 as a solution. I decided not to do that. But it seems to me that it's the underlying mount point for the standoff that needs to be "bent back down" to solve the problem.

  1. Has anyone else had this problem and solved it?
  2. Does anyone know how to get the long plastic strip over the rain gutter off in order to inspect the place where the thule standoff installs?

I have a big roof box that I put on there and I want to be sure it's safely installed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!
I just spent the past few hours researching roof racks for the Mazda5. Seems you have to be a friggin engineer to figure out all the variations and options.
I have a X-Cargo X-treme carrier box and am looking for a rack for my Mazda5. I'm trying to keep it as affordable as possible so I can spend $ on vacation, not car.
So far, I've found 2 choices to fit my pocket.

-Rola 59834 (have seen no comments, reviews about this on the Mazda 5

-Thule 43 inch aeroblade with a podium kit. Some guy close to me has it on craigslist but insists I will need an adapter kit.

Must be quiet, aeroblade type and I have a sunroof, so, there's the clearance issue.
Now, websites say its a 47" rack thats needed, but the car is 41" rail to rail. These are my only 2 choices at the moment, so what can I go with?
2014 Mazda 5GS
Just finished a 5900k road trip with a Cruz Airo X roof rack I bought from the U.K. and a Rhino Rack box.

The rack fit perfectly and had very little noise even with the roof box installed. I found the rack when I was searching on-line and a little research made me confident that it would properly fit my Mazda 5.

The price was right (110 GBP) and more than offset the cost of having to arrange my own shipping as they don't normally sell to North America. I had to email to arrange the sale, but they were helpful and I'm happy with the result. The rack is TUV certified and rated for 75kg. However. the cruz airo blades are broad and you really need to check if your roof box will fit the blades. I bought the Rhino Rack box because the clamps are fully adjustable. My neighbour's Yakima Skybox would not fit both blades because it didn't have enough tolerance.

Link to the rack and pricing: