rim peeling?

2018 Mazda CX-9 GT
do the stock rims for 2018 cx-9 GT's have some kind of material on them that is applied like a vinyl wrap/sheeting? i noticed on my front right rim what looked like a possible scratch, but upon closer inspection, it's a almost like a little flap that is sticking up. if i push it in, it stays down but eventually comes up. It looks like if I were to pull on it, it would peel off. i've attached 3 pics below

rim pic 1.jpg
rim pic 4.jpeg
rim pic 5.jpeg
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That's likely the lube they use to mount tires.
They apply it to the tire bead before installing on the rim.
I think it dries out and turns rubbery like that.

Nothing to worry about besides cosmetic. You should be able to peel it off.


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Grab some tweezers and peel it off. I had the same stuff on my CX-9, just a bit less of it than you. It's likely just a plastic wrapping applied on the rims to protect them on the boat ride to port.

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