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Right rear axle(?) greasy

Have a 2012 Mazda5 Sport, 95k miles. Purchased in 2016 at 73k miles.

Admittedly, haven't maintained it too well. Trying to make up for it now, learn more about my car, etc.

I was inspecting underneath, saw this part in the right rear was covered in grease. Corresponding part on the left rear was bone dry.

Couldn't find the part in a diagram online. Could someone advise -

-What is this part called?
-Should it be greasy or dry?
-How big of a deal is this?
-If needed, how much should a mechanic charge to fix?

Thank you
2009 Mazda 5 GT
That is your rear shock absorber. They are filled with oil and when they leak this much it means they're blown internally. Replace it as soon as you can, it is a safety issue. Shocks control the up and down bouncing of the car, without it your rear will bounce more than it should and compromise grip with the road.
You'll want to replace both rears at the same time and maybe the shock mounts too which attach them to the body of the car up top as they are a common failure point.
Parts are not expensive to DIY, like $150 for both shocks and mounts, it's also not very time consuming.
Shop cost I have no clue, call around to 2 or 3 different ones to compare quotes.
2010 Mazda 5 Sport
Yes, that is the shock.

FYI, I bought a set of KYB (they are close to oem) shocks/struts on ebay. The backs are super easy to replace. You may need the upper shock mount too as those tend to bust if the shock binds up or you get corrosion. Those are not expensive.

I would recommend replacing ALL 4. The MAZDA struts/shocks are only good to 100k miles MAX. On the front...you may need new upper strut holders/bearings (I would replace them as they have to come out anyways) as they wear out too.

If you don't normally wrench on cars, any shop can probably do a front/rear set pretty easy.


2012 Mazda 5
Agreed, replace the rear shocks. Go ahead and do the mounts at the same time, maybe the lower bushings too. No reason to not replace it while you have it apart. Replacement is easy if you have some basic tools.

-jack up the rear of the car and place on stands
-remove the rear wheels
-remove the lower mounting bolt
-remove the two upper mounting bolts
-remove the shock
-reinstall in reverse order
-torque the bolts appropriately (pretty sure the lower is 100 ft/lbs, upper are like 30 off the top of my head WAG)

Those parts on rock auto will run you about $100.

If nothing is rusted together It’s maybe 10 minutes per side. Take a look at your brakes too because this would be a great time to replace them too while you have everything apart. You don’t necessarily need to replace the fronts at the same time, but if they’re worn too your ride/handling will improve by replacement. Right now we’re talking about fixing a completely worn out component.