Rezistk20 'Miata 1992'

Got the car a month ago i have done some mods heres some Thoughts,pics,Ect..
1992 Miata Red
Future: before dec
1.Raceland coilovers
2.Steering wheel/hub/QR
3.Work Emotions/Fake dr31
4.Garage vary lip
5.New soft Top
6.Hard Dog roll bar doors
7.Boss frog double hoob bar/clear view with harness bar
8.Smoked ebay bumper lights
1.6 Engine
-Tow Hook
-Black Stockies
-Lame White Bumper
-Steroe system
-Eibach Springs

-Dry Carbon Trunk Wrap
-Raceland Coils
-Full Exhuast System
-Some Rims/Tires Stance(boobs2)

mORE PICS!! Well Cali Had Its Rain heres some pics of that n my car,. fail

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heres the carbon wrap by neffy is ment for interior but i did it on my trunk on my accord i was the 2nd to do this.
pics sucks once i get more it will be more out there.
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id rather be crazy
'99 MX-5 + '92 MX-3- sold :(
lol. the hurricane hit while i was at work. then i had to go outside and push shopping carts. :(
i hope you didn't wash your car yesterday.
Now it makes sense why it looks like that.
yeah sucker was scary,it was sunny like 20m before i went outside.
heres new pic/photoshop how i want my rims. dont know if 15,or 16 in white though
Bronze + red car = hot.

Just sayin...

oh i wanna repint my front bumper red, but i wanna paint the whole car silver.this rims will be my dd. i wanna start auto x!!

ill let u know if i can do the shoot or where to do it.palmdale sucks the sight suck i need good lighting/new lens 18-200 ill let u know maybe by sep ill have my car looking clean with new lens?
if u wanna do a shoot on ur car i can.just let me know before hand i was thinking of going to lake lizebeth to do the shoot since there alot of mountians,lake