Reset ECU. Does it help?

I just watched the video.
No. That's not going to restore your car to being faster. I call bullshit. The guy in the video says you should reset the ECU every "few 1,000 miles" (wtf) beause it becomes sluggish over time as the car learns how you drive. Resetting will return the car to it's like new and peppier self.
If I already drive spiritedly and the car learns that, resetting would set me back then,no?
My car is not one ounce slower then the day I bought it. Going on 2 years.
You think yours is sluggish now? Guessing not.
Here's the thing though, OP: if it's really that easy, just do it already. It certainly doesn't hurt a thing.
And report back.
I was always told pulling the battery cable is how you reset it, also very easy.
In the time it took you to post, you could have done it. Not trying to be a dick but if it's really "press the brake 20 times" and the rest of that: just do it.
Your responses drip of attitude. I know resetting the ECU on my 2014 Ford Mustang improved performance (acceleration at wot and mpg) but have not tried it on my CX-5. Has so little hp cannot imagine it would help much.


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So with everyone speaking of the computer learning one's driving habits...exactly how long does this take?

I specifically babied the thing through the break-in period...didn't go over 4,000 RPMs, no long times at the same rate of speed, no using Cruise Control, no Jack Rabbit starts & stops, etc.

Shouldn't one reset the ECU after break-in so that this base period of "bein' Grandma" is not in the computer?
How long does the "learn procedure" last?
Does it continue to learn or does it gather X Amount of Data and then set it's state of being until the next reset?
No idea how many cycles it takes. It may be listed in the workshop manual.


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I didn't think of that.
Lemme go find one.

Maybe the "Relearn Cycle" is short.
If you find anything about how technically this learning is supposed to take place, please share it. I'm intrigued. All I've ever found is vague speculation.