Replacing upper molding above grill

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It's clipped and riveted on. I took the entire bumper off to remove grill then separate the trim from the grill.
The service procedure for Mazda 3 is to drill the rivets out but I used pilers to break them. I watched this video for reference
I'll upload some pictures when I get a chance.
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I have a pretty good dent of the upper molding above the grill. I want to replace it with this part:

Looks like I just have to unscrew the old one to replace it. But, has anyone replaced this and is it fairly easy to do?
Did you replace the upper molding already? I just had the car for 2 days and i scratched the molding with the garage door. I need to replace it as well. How do you remove the metal clip/rivet on it? The plastic ones are easy. Thanks