Replaced power steering pump, light still on

Hi all,

I have an 06 Mazda 5 Sport with 122k miles on it. Great van overall, but I got the dreaded power steering light on the dash. I read the TSB thread, bought the new pump for $50, and put it in myself. I used new fluid, and bled out all the air while the car was still on jack stands. I also reset the ECU by disconnecting the battery.

However, the power steering light is still lit up on the gauge cluster. Car is still on jack stands, but I'm pretty sure the there's no power steering. Any suggestions for what to replace next? I'm thinking the electronic control module for the power steering.

Any help is appreciated.
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Hello there, if I may ask did you buy a re-manufactured one and not new for that price?

I am in the same boat, in the sense that I do need a new pump installed and so far the quotes I am getting are $1100 and up (parts and labor). Apparently once you install the new pump it has to be re-programmed to work correctly.
Curro, after replacing the pump, I replaced the electronic control board under it, and that resolved my issue. The pump was $53 on Amazon, the control board was a ~$12 junk yard part. I bought new power steering fluid from the auto parts store. There's no programming of the new pump, it's plug and play. Find another mechanic to work on your vehicle.