Removing the third row seats


I've been searching all over this forum and the internets in general about removing the third row seats from 2014 Mazda 5. My goal is to get a bit more storage space - I'm planning to carry some kid stuff and a couple of small bikes too, all inside.

Is removing the third row worth it? Can anyone point me to such projects done in the past? Just the third row, the second row remains intact.

2010 Mazda 5 Sport

Scroll to the bottom for third row removal.

Doesn't look hard. 5 bolts. It's all 1 unit. Just do it and if you don't like it, put them back.
2015 Mazda 5 Sport
Not really worth it. All you get is the direct access to the spare wheel hole. Removing the spare tire will give more space but then you will need a tire plug kit because murphy's law will make you need the spare on your first trip without it.