2007~2015 Removing panel under steering wheel?

I have the dim brake light issue, so I bought a new switch, thinking that it would be an easy fix. But for the life of me, I can't figure out how to remove the right side of the kick panel (if that's the right term) under the steering wheel. The left side pulls out rather easily, and I know there is a screw behind the hood release (I think), but where is the screw on the right side? Do I have to take the console apart?
OK, so just for anyone else having the issue, you don't even need to pull that beige (or whatever interior you have) panel. There is a black panel that covers the pedal shafts that is only held in by two studs that expand when you press the middle. Just pull those out and you can reach by feel to the brake switch, which only requires a 45 degree counterclockwise turn to remove. There's enough slack in the harness to pull it down to see it. Keep in mind that you need to adjust the plunger in the new switch to match the depth of the old one. Plug it into the harness and reverse the process. Simple even if you can't actually see it.