Removing old window tint from rear hatchback window without damage to defroster

I have a 2004 Mazda3 Hatchback. The last owner put some just-too-light tint on the back window and the side rear door windows. It's ugly and peeling off. I tried to peel it off completely myself but it just cracks off into pieces. Does anyone know a good way to get this eyesore off my car without dmaging the rear defroster?


2008.5 MGM MS3
2008.5 MS3
Do this with the windows open for ventilation: Put some ammonia in a spray bottle, spray the tint liberally then apply a piece of black plastic or a trash bag cut to size, on top of the wet ammonia. Let it sit a while (at least 30 minutes) SLOWLY pull the tint and trash bag off the glass. After you got the tint off, if there is any adhesive remaining on the glass you can spray the ammonia on the glass and use a Dobie pad that you can purchase at grocery stores to help remove the adhesive.

Or you can take the car to a tint shop and have them remove it for you, expect to pay around $100 to have them remove it.
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