2017~2020 Removing Drivers Seat Mazda CX-5 GT 2017

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I dropped an apple air pod under my seat and it went down the hole under the seat. How easy is it to remove the seat? Is there any risk of air bags going off or safety concerns after and think I need to know? Anyone have a video or diagrams for me?
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Interested in this as well. I’m going to pull the seat to bring to an upholstery shop to try and make the base tolerable.

I’m planning on disconnecting the battery because of the air bag.

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This is horribly basic but might help.

It's from an online owners & service manual website.

One thing that concerns me is it says that when you reinstall the passenger side, to "perform the seat weight sensor inspection using the M-MDS after installing the passenger's seat." The sensors in the 2019 CX-5s work off of electrostatic capacity, not weight (Pg 2-71 in the owner's manual.) So don't go nuts putting a sack of potatoes on the seat and wondering why the dash light says "Passenger Seat Empty."

Here's one from the same website on front seat cushion/trim removal & installation.

At least it's a start.