Recommendations for skid plate and other off-road mods?


2020 CX-5 GTR
Don't believe I ever mentioned, but I've ordered the Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail tires (235/55-19, V, XL).

The WildPeak A/T Trail is Falken's On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tire developed for drivers of crossovers and SUVs who crave adventure and want a tire with the durability to explore off-road, yet matches the dynamic characteristics of modern crossover vehicles on the road.

Just waiting for my Gram Lights 57DRs to show before mounting.

You can totally fit those Falkens to your stock wheels and stop there. You’ll have achieved a noticeable improvement to your vehicle, with little to no downside.



2015 CX-5
I asked this question to CorkSport a few days ago:

"Can your skid plates for CX-5 2017+ be modified to fit 2015 CX-5?"

and just got a replay from Zach:

"We know the back half would work on it, we are looking into seeing what it would take to get the front half to fit the new facelift.

We are hoping for an answer around spring time if we can do that."