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Rear subframe

83 RX-7 Gsl, 2000 Mazda Protege LX, 2011 Mazda3 Sport i
My rear subframe is getting really bent and barely has enough material to hold the camber washer. So anyone got a good solution to getting a replacement?

Also I could use 1 Megan Racing lateral arm (the camber one) since the subframe allowed play and now the bushing is pretty messed up.


Swollen Member
We used to be able to buy the MSP rear swaybar kit, which also included the subframe to mount it. You'd have the new subframe AND take care of our cars' understeer in one swoop.
Maybe you can still find a kit. If not, any 3rd gen Protege subframe will work. You might be ebay or even pick-n-pull bound. :)

Also, I'd stay away from Megan/ebay branded Chinese parts. Our cars clunk enough without 'em.
1999 Mazda Protege ES
Also I could use 1 Megan Racing lateral arm
I'd say pay a little extra for the HardRace arms. Not only are they better quality but also use pillow bushes instead of urethane.

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