Rear markers


2006 Mazdaspeed 6
Couldn't find any real info... just wondering how to remove the two red rear reflectors/markers from the bottom of the MS6. I was gunna black them out but was unsure how to get them out. Are they similar to the side markers? Just pop them out? Or should I get under the car and push them out or?

My car is lowered so I can't poke my head under and take a look so just wondering how others took them out.When I searched I just found pics of others installed with leds, nightshades or just smoked... not a lot of info of actually removing them.

Anyone? I kinda wanted to do this tommorrow.


i like shiny things!
get a floor jack, prop the back end up. set em on jackstands.
get yourself up behind the bumper, there should be plastic clips on the inside kind of like the side markers. then just pull em out.

i think. lol
Yep just jack the car up and then you can see under there it has a clip on side that snaps in.. I took a screwdriver and popped the clip and then pulled it out.. Its very easy to do..