Rear Lateral Link long bolt removal (Mazda 323 / Protege)

Mazda 323F (2003)
Having a bit of trouble - wonder if anyone can help...

I have a Mazda 323F, very similar to some of the Protege models in terms of rear suspension mechanisms. 2003 year. Replacing all 4 lateral links as the bushings are gone.

Trying to remove a 240mm long bolt that goes goes through both rear lateral links (at the outer ends) and the spindle. The nut comes off easily, but the bolt is absolutely ceased.

Tried PlusGas penetrating oil so far with a 750mm breaker bar, wiggling it back and forth for ages whilst having someone simultaneously hitting the free end of the bolt with a lump hammer. Worried about putting too much torque onto the 21mm bolt head as it might snap the bolt head (if not the breaker bar itself which is really bending).

So - before I use a grinder and then drill the bolt out of the spindle, can anyone offer suggestions? Mazda charge 20 for each of the bolts (I need 2 - 1 for both sides). They are 14mm part-threaded which are rare size and I can't source elsewhere. So I'd prefer to remove the bolt in-tact and avoid the grinder/drill option.

I don't have facilities for applying much heat to it, butane gas blow torch on a windy day doesn't do much (no access to closed garage unfortunately).

How can it get so ceased with only a couple of cm's length contact with the spindle? I think the bolt is ceased in the bushing too but that can't be what is stopping it from turning as the bushing metal inner is only attached to degraded rubber.

If anyone can solve or offer some experience it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Heat or destroy the bolt are really the only two options. I'm a technician at Mazda and I know how seized those bolts get. On occasion getting the rear knuckle red hot on both ends and using an impact gun on the bolt along with a hammer an but in the other end is the only way to remove it.

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I know I'm grave digging on this post, but I wanted to share my experience with this in case it helps someone. This was hell on mine!
Three weeks into owning my 98 protege, rear lateral arm needed replaced. I noticed a previous owner did a back yard job on it previously. You can see in the photo the piece of metal that was bent around the bolt and welded back together :p
My 98 has a lot of rust, removing the bolt without destroying it was impossible. I cut one end of the long bolt off, used a torch and beat the hell out of it until it gave way. I couldn't find a replacement bolt anywhere that didn't have some long shipping time or a redic price. After replacing the arms on both sides, I used 4140 (i think) threaded steel rod and cut to size. Continued to check alignment, seems okay. Tire wear is even on both sides, so that's a plus :D I don't remember a ton of details , I did this about 8 months ago.