Rear electric windows issue

Hi. Both electric windows don’t work on the back passenger doors. They don’t work on the driver’s door switches for those windows either. Both front door windows work and work from the drivers door. I’ve checked the lock switch and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Any ideas?
Check the motor, might be the motor is dead. If so, look at some YouTube vids how to replace it. Shouldn't be a big job and not that difficult. Although both windows are not working which is strange. Did it happen at the same time?
Mazda 2 / RSTi / FJ80
Both windows not working sounds like an electrical issue of sorts if they went out at the same time. I don't have a wiring diagram to tell how things are all connected but sometimes a short can cause odd issues. I've had a trailer wiring harness rub against a frame before and blow fuses that turn off tail lights, cluster lights etc. It looks like the power windows all go through a single fuse though so I can't imagine that being the issue.