2017~2021 Rear Door bent, doesn't close fully. Repairs, what to expect?

Car noob here so pardon if the question sounds stupid. I backed into the parking spot which was right next to a wall. The rear door was open and the top inside of the door hit the wall. Now, the door is a bit bent and does not close fully. There is also some minor damage on the inside at the impact spot. Didn't see any visible damage near the hinges but I'm not an expert.

I'll take it to shops but any advice on what type of repairs I'm looking at? Would the whole door need to be replaced or does it look like it can be fixed fully without compromising the safety? Anything specific to keep in mind when I take it to shops for estimates? Lastly, should I take it to a dealer or an independent shop?

You should really just file the claim because even if they raise your rates, it will be nowhere the amount you will save out of pocket for quite some time. It's a small claim and will not affect you, honestly.
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