Rattling in the Rear, thought was fixed....

09 Mazdaspeed 3
So my car used to rattle like the window was loose, read a bunch of forums and all them said to replace the endlinks and bushings. So I had my mechanic install my front/rear endlinks and rear bushings. Was excited to hear that noise go away but it is still there, I am not sure if it helped a little but that annoying rattling like the exhaust or windows are loose is still happening.

Is there something else I am missing?
2008.5 Mazdaspeed3 Sport
The same thing happens to me, I'm thinking it's the shocks dust cover that is rattling against the shocks.

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I have a similar noise in my '08 MS3. seems to be the trunk latch mechanism that keeps the hatch closed- when I lubricate it with WD-40 it goes away for a while, then comes back.

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