Rattle when accelerating on low revs - Audio Provided

Hi everyone!

I am new hear and I am trying to find a clue to an issue that I face with my car: Mazda CX-5 2016 2.2d AWD, 200 000km 124 000mi

It happens that sometimes when I highly accelerate (floor it) and the engine rev is low, it downshifts and a "rattling" sound can be heard. It can be heard before the shift or after the shift or it cannot be heard at all.

Here you can hear the sound that, in the video, souded louder than usual (when it can be heard): https://youtu.be/GfAhrDuvwjg

The car is working perfect, no check engine, nothing suspicious at all and no other sign that might be related to this issue.

Thanks you!


Under Pressure
2021 Carbon T
It is difficult to hear very much over all the clicky radio noise. Any clean audio available?