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Ramp vs. Jack; Level vs. Incline

Good morning all,
Own a 2012 Mazda 5 Sport - 2.5L, In-Line 4, Automatic, 95k miles.

Looking to start servicing the car more by myself, so need to build out my garage equipment a bit.

Questions for the group:
-For standard oil changes, do you prefer to put the car up on a ramp or jacks? Why?
-I assumed (not sure why) that drain plugs would be in the rear of the reservoir, thus lifting the front of the car up a few inches would be a good thing for draining fluids, but apparently, some folks say the car should be level for best drainage. What say you?

(former) 2006 Mazda 5 M/T
Ramps are more stable, or perhaps more importantly safer, than jacks. They’re also cheap, easy, and fast. I use ramps, though I also have jacks for other work.


Asian Persuasion <><
2010 Mazda5 GT
Rhino Ramps for oil changes, some suspension work (end links), and other misc (starter). I use low profile rapid pump jack and four jack stands for tire rotations and other things. I haven't found that oil doesn't drain enough with ramps. Have had them for 10+ years and no issues servicing two vehicles.
2008 Mazda5 GT
Jacks are best overall but too much effort to put both corners on. Ramps get my vote for quick work that does not need to remove wheels. Those cheap Chinese metal ramps scare the hell out of me. I have a pair of classic Rhino ramps with higher weight rating and they look like there were built for life. Rhino Ramps are good but they come in various weight rating. Unfortunately their quality fell off the cliff like everything else. The Rhino passenger car ramps look/feel (easily flex and sway by hand) like it belongs in the dollar store. Opt for the series for trucks with higher weight rating (stronger). Golden rule applies, YGWYPF.

Or you can make your own wood ramp from wood planks (google for ideas). cheap and strong but heavy, add caster for mobility.

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