Radiator replacement - detailed with photos

2002 Mazda Protege5
I searched everywhere and other sites and could not find a detailed thread so I decided to create one to aid anyone wanting/having to do this.

Remember to disconnect the battery and drain the system from the coolant. Now would be a good time to flush the system if it hasn't been done and maybe replace the thermostat

New unit from ebay 78.00 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemVersion&item=130944703541&view=all&tid=1058173368003

Remove air intake note photos for instructions

Loosen upper hose, reseviour hose and bracket nuts

Remove fans. Note bolt locations. The top bolts are the only ones. Once removed they slide out upwards

Unplug fans and unclip wire harness from fan base otherwise the fans won't slide out

Push upper hose backwards or remove completely to be able to slide driver side fan upwards. Once fans are out disconnect lower hose and the at hoses

Once the hoses are disconnected slide the radiator upwards to remove

Don't forget to swap the rubber support mounts from the old radiator to the new one

Insert the new radiator in carefully not to kink the panel

Re install everything in the reverse order

Fill the system with new coolant and make sure you get the air out of the system. There are threads on how to do this.


The old cap did not work so I had to get a short cap.
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Just did this today. Pretty good write-up.

Some things to note...
1) get some hose clips in case you can't re-use the ones you have.
2) when putting your hose clips back on 'seat' them in the indentations of your hose. This will keep it tighter.
3) Those smaller hoses on the bottom are for ATF. So, they probably are not there if you have a manual. You will lose a little bit of ATF when taking these off so check your ATF afterwards because you may have to add a little bit. YMMV but I didn't have to add any.
4) Do yourself a favor and check your front lower engine mount before starting this project. If it needs to be replaced it will be easier to replace when the radiator is out.