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Question on air circulation

We are looking at buying a new CX9 (2012) Grand touring. However, we have a concern about poor air circulation in the 3rd row. Some of our friends have the car and their kids complain that it gets hot in the 3rd row since there are no vents back there. There are only the ac vents in the center console in front of the 2nd row. Anyone else experience this?




08 CX-9 GT FWD
Yes it is true, the only vents are in the rear of the center console between the driver and passenger seat. The 3rd row would be hard pressed to get good air. Then again, the CX-9 3rd row in my opinion is not a great row for regular use....just occaisonal use.
2017 Mazda CX-5 GT, 2016 Mazda6 iGT, 2014 Mazda3 sGT hatchback
Not entirely true.
There are vent under the seats of 2nd row for the 3rd.
However, in auto mode, only hot air comes out of there.
You have to switch it to non-auto mode to get cold air out from there.
It makes sense since hot air moves up.

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