Question on AA Upgrade for 2016.5

2016.5 CX-5 GT AWD
My understanding is that my 2016.5 CX-5 GT AWD might be able to have the Android Auto software upgrade from a dealership.

I was just wondering, I currently have all my music on an old 3Gen IPod Nano plugged into the USB. If I go ahead with the AA upgrade and I'm using my phone for navigation, would I still be able to play music off of my IPod at the same time, or does the system use 1 USB input at a time?

I know I could put music onto my phone, but without going into a whole long list of reasons, let's just say I prefer using my Nano for music.

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I keep my phone plugged in for CarPlay and simultaneously use my 6G iPod with all my lossless audio. No issues and works great.

I’ll assume that your CarPlay hub will have 2 USB ports, but, I don’t really know anything about the retrofit hub. My 2019 came with CarPlay from factory with 2 usb ports.

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