Question hooking up Maestro ADS-MRR and wiring CANH CANL to Main Audio unit Terminal on 1O and 1Q vs connecting to OBD reader port?

HI I am about to hook up a pioneer head unit (AVH-2550NEX) + 2 aftermarket 12v cameras along with a Maestro Idatalink (ADS=MRR) unit to a stock 2014 CX5 sport 2wd.

the Stock head unit is NB1 touch screen has nav button but no nav sd slot or gps hooked up, no stock back up camera, doesn't support car paly etc.
(I guess the past owner opted for upgrade to stereo unit but passed on GPS and BOSE?)

Can I wire the CANL and CANH from the MAestro directly to the aftermarket stereo harness behind the receiver vs running down to the OBD port as instructed by Maestro?
I was thinking

Wondering if others have done this and what they ended up doing with the Maestro wires marked to connect to the OBD port?
I see Mazda has both CANH and CANL as connected to the main Audio harness labeled as Terminal layout and signal Audio unit.
Id just need to add these 2 wires to the aftermarket Matra 70-7093 harness in 1O and 1Q pin location using wire to pin connectors since they leave those spots blank vs running it down to the stock OBD port? this would make for a nice clean hookup maybe?

From Maestro help doc.
step1 merg with step2..PNG

Mazda pin out info showing that canh and canl are on the main harness on cx5 1st gens?
CAN HOOKUP audio harness.PNG

Any feedback on this would be appreciated
Step custom diagram.png
Step 1B question1 custom diagram.png

wondering if anyone has done this and or if it worked? I also have created a 2nd post regarding the proper wiring of this RR unit if you have had this installed and could take a look at my 2nd post and give some advice on how you have it wired Id appreciate it.
This did not work.. It is odd since a meter gives continuity from the maestro unit all the way down to the obd port but the head unit does not connect when ran to 1q 1o if you connect at the obd port it comes up immediately and works as its supposed to.