Question about steering wheel controls (2009 CX-9)

Mazda cx9 2009
I'm trying to install the pioneer 2550nex with PAC RP4-MZ11 & the steering wheel controls are all backwards. I cannot figure out how to program them, when it's suppose to be preprogrammed. The volume up button is track down and track down is display. It's all messed up. Can anyone please tell me how to correctly program them with the rp4-mz11.
Mazda cx9 2009
Is this what you are using ?

If it is it shows how you can recalibrate all the buttons.

It is & I've followed the directions. Have defaulted back to the presettings. Have tried the short/long presses. Have tried to program own buttons as it states. SWC is set pioneer and I did go thru all those channels just to see what happens.
My LCD screens shows the right function for the buttons but it isn't transmitting to the radio correctly.

Any idea as to why this would be ??
Sorry. I don't know much more, if all the wiring connection is the same as the instructions then it should be good. On the crutchfield webpage someone commented the instructions weren't very good but that a quick call with crutchfield customer support solved his problem. You could try giving them a call.

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