Protege5 Cel Codes

Hey Guys, I just wanted to follow up on my original post. Here's a little background.
I bought the 2002 Protege5 with 196k for $1000.
It was running o.k. but had stalling and starting problems.
Here are the codes it had thrown.


So, with your recommondations I went ahead and bought and installed NGK plugs, wires, and coil packs.
I sparayed out the MAF sensor and throttle body.

The car now runs much better. It feels more responsive and pulls harder.
However, the idle is still a little funky, but i have only driven around 80 miles on the reboot.

The starting issue is still a problem. The car usually starts on the 2nd crank after I give it a pump or 2.

After about 50 miles I threw all the same codes I had started with originally.

So, while the car runs much better, I would love to hear your suggestions on what to do next.

Thank you all for the help, the car is so much fun to drive, I cant wait to get it 100%..



___ 323F ___
1250 = Pressure Regulator control solenoid.......pressure regulator on fuel rail?

0401 = EGR.......probably needs cleaning, do that and IAC at same time.

0455 = EVAP....maybe new fuel cap or could be vacuum line or charcoal canister related, go with new cap first

0300 = misfire so plugs/wires/coils should've fixed that.

0660 = secondary shutter valve...that may be the VTCS solenoid and may be the hard starting issue. Those only open for a minute or less upon startup. Check the green and white connectors on top of intake manifold. Unplug and plug back in to make sure connection good then maybe have someone else try to start car and see if the solenoid on passenger side of intake manifold tries to move or not.

I would drive it some more and see which codes come back. You can score bluetooth obdII reader of ebay and get torque app for android fon and be able to see if drive cycle is complete yet and what codes are pending that may have not turned cel on yet.
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