Protege Garage,VERY disappointed.

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Hi,just wanted to share my experience and hopefully get a reply from Protege Garage.

Ok so on 2011-08 (August) -03 i ordered a VIS cabon fiber hood and the DG carbon fiber grill for my Mazda 3 Hatchback,a few days later Protege Garage (i will write PG for ease from this point on) sent me an email saying if i had i courrier to ship the goods from USA to Italy because they didn't have it,i then replied with a few company names i knew but at the end PG told me they colud not ship the hood and refund me but they would still ship me the grill.

So the next day i received a refund for the carbon fiber hood and it's alright until here,so around 1 week later i send PG an email saying when the carbon fiber grill will be shipped and from this point i've never received a reply AT ALL.

On 2011-08 (August) -09 the day the refund me untill today 2011-11 (November)-04 and so on i haven't received a SINGLE reply about the item i regularly purchased and they still have my money,both money for the grill and for the shipping (85 dollars).

So until today i still have no CLUE where my goods is,i've sent around 10 emails to PG but no reply,even on this site via PM but i haven't received nothing,plus i can't check the status of the order on their site as it says refund.

Just to be kind i will only say that I'm VERY dissapointed about all this and i hope all will end well.
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If you talk to me,i live in Italy and their number doesn't exist,plus talking with them would be pretty hard since i'm not that good at spoken english ...
Their number is right on the site, under Contact Us:
Need more information?

Please contact with any questions or comments by phone or email

Telephone: (847) 736-1635 ; Fax: (847) 376-3565
The communication is quite spotty at times, but eventually Ken comes through. I've never tried calling, only email+PM. Calling is supposed to work the best.


Yea i had an similar issue with no email responses but i just called and spoke with Ken and it was all straighted out.
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same experience. received email from PG saying my item had shipped. week later no tracking email and no order. was able to text with Ken. he said that the part was still be manufactured and could be a few more days. I didn't understand why I received an email saying that it had shipped? Before I had a chance to think about it Ken was quick to offer a refund so I took it. I'll just go with TMW for my short shifter and other mods. you get what you pay for...