Protege ES Body / Frame Measurements..?

Mazda, Protege ES, sedan 1.8L 5-speed
So I have a '99 ES and I know that the previous owner had a little bump and ride accident previously. It is not that much out of wack but the headlight is pushed in just a little bit. I was wondering if anyone had measure points to make sure the front rad support and such were lined up properly. I could just use the good side and match measurements but im afraid maybe it too could be tweaked a bit. Anyone have any info or at least could measure up their existing with no front end/stock front end DAMAGE???? I really dont want to find out the rad support is Eff'd but, maybe cheat a little and adjust so headlight and new grill assembly line up correctly. I would love you long time to anyone who could help me out. Thanks.
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