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Project Pay2Play: My Eunos Cosmo has arrived!


After 4 years without a ride in Japan and months of paperwork BS...It was time to pick up my MAZDA...A 1995 Eunos Cosmo 20B Type-SX!

As I "walked" up to the shop...Pay2Play was already ready to greet me...(hi)

I bought Pay2Play from a specialty car shop in Kyoto...The owner purposely seeks out rare & desirable rides via dealer auctions throughout Japan. This Eunos Cosmo was brought from an auction all the way in Tokyo! Props to Mr.Nagano for locating this fine example and selling it to me! (thumb)

My Cosmo in Mr. Nagano's shop ready to "roll out"...

The Cosmo comes to life and rumbles out of the shop...Ready to hit the streets of Kyoto.

Pay2play giving a hard time to some punk GT-R..lol...No doubt the GT-R is a very cool ride but that white one might as well have been a white kei car (mini car) or something...The Cosmo totally overwhelmed me with its presence!

Pay2Play...Holding it down in K-town...

Brief Specs...
Engine: 20B Triple Rotary Twin Turbo
Mods: Genuine Mazdaspeed exhaust & suspension + Mazda factory aero enhancements
Rims: 18" Rays

First Impression: AWESOME! (2thumbs) This Cosmo is everything I expected it to be and more...MUCH MORE! My favorite point is the engine/exhaust note...Even from within the car it's really deep and bold but at the same time...very refined! At idle it's like the 20B isn't even running but once you start hitting gas...Aww Man, it's like the car creates its own gravitational pull...with the twin turbos feeding the triple rotary beast...This Cosmo will not only take you where you're going in style and comfort...it will take you there with some serious THRUST!

It's interesting to note...The Eunos Cosmo was sold in a time when Japan honored a "Gentleman's agreement" about "advertised" horsepower figures. Unfortunately, Mazda obliged with the unwritten agreement but Mazda wouldn't be Mazda if they didn't "fudge" the truth a bit ;)

Officially, the Eunos Cosmo 20B put out 280 "civilized" horsepower with a 1/4 mile time of 14.1. The reality is quite a different story...Via my research on the net & various other sources...I've come across real world estimates of as much as 350hp (@ the crank) and a 1/4 mile time of 13.5 (courtesy of DMRH)...Bone Stock!

It still hasn't hit me yet that I'm the proud owner of a Eunos Cosmo but I'm sure it will sink in REAL fast...hehe...More pics & info to come! (rockon)

Thanks for checking out this thread...:D


2010 Mazdaspeed3
So does this mean we have to pay a monthly fee to use the forums?

I'm just kidding!

Very nice car. I am super jealous actually. I've always wanted a car that NO ONE else has.

I was hoping to do that with the speed 3. It was SUPPOSED to be a limited edition.. Mazda had to go and make more for 2008.

Very nice.

Any mods planned? Are there any mods for that car?


Good one ;)

Thanks for the props...I've always been interested in rare cars and the Eunos Cosmo is no exception...Less than 9000 were produced (13b + 20b) over a period of 5 years and only 3937 were equipped with the 20b.

The last year of production was 1995 and only 369 were made in total...Which means there were probably less than a couple hundred 20Bs in the final year of production.

Mods...There were quite a few options back in the day but the Cosmo has become TOO rare for its own good...so a lot of the mods are no longer available...which means I might have to go custom/one-off if I want to do some more serious upgrades...

Since Pay2Play has been modified already in some areas...I might look to update the audio system...I want to preserve the original look of the car while upgrading the what lies under that beautiful exterior :D

As for the MS3...It's such a hot performer I see Mazda making as many as they can sell...How many were produced for 2007?


2010 Mazdaspeed3
Good one ;)

As for the MS3...It's such a hot performer I see Mazda making as many as they can sell...How many were produced for 2007?
5000 in 2007. About half of that is in Hawaii alone. :(

Good luck on that. Pictures of the interior?


2008 MX-5 SE
Nice Antoine!!! Love the pics you have up so far...how about some engine and interior pics too?!
'02.5 MP5
congrats on finally getting ur project on ur way xD post some vids so i can drool at rotary goodness xP


'16.5 Mazda CX-5 Touring

Nice color!

That car is clean...

I sure wish I could find one in California. (naughty)


Because Good is Dumb!
07 CX-9 Goodness
I've been (lurk) around this thread since you started w/o comment. I must say how envious I am. I've always loved the styling of the Eunos Cosmo. Congrats congrats congrats. I almost pulled a groin muscle with the pics you posted.(thumb)


I'm glad you guys dig it...Even seeing the pics again puts a big ass smile on my face :D

I'll try and get pics of the interior and engine bay soon...Stay tuned!

PS...I'm realizing just how long and wide the Cosmo is...It took me forever to park Pay2Play at my new place because of the tight space...but that's part of the reason the car looks so damn good...It has the dimensions of a proper Grand Tourer...(thumb)


There's your "zoom zoom" ;) It's actually a bit dirty...I have to hit Autobacs and get some cleaning supplies...

I special ordered this car cover to keep Pay2Play cozy when it's not cruising down the highway...


2.0 forged + 7psi = 175hp
99 pro ES Silver heavily modified
Wow, that's incredible. When are we going to get actual HP numbers? (dyno)

Congratulations, my friend. It must be a phenomenal feeling.

EDIT: Oh yeah, good color, too!


11 Years and running
2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege
I love the new ride! Congrats! I've always wanted to travel to Japan, even work there if i can!


Zoom Freakin' Zoom
1990 RX-7 Turbo II
WOOT! Love that rotary beast. How's the interior? I love the ergonomic design inside.

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