Project: "Last RX-7" by Herblenny

February 21st, 2012 - Not much of an update as I'm waiting for few things to come in to finish up the project..

One thing that did come in is the intercooler core from

Waiting on couple of things that are suppose to show up in next 2-3 weeks... Then the car will go through quick changes from that point on..
February 26th, 2012 - I've bandaid fixed my ignition issue on my MB FD and drove around town today. Also, thought I snap some recent pics with the new hatch and the cleaner look.

March 5th, 2012 - Update from my fabricator Walker Morgan @
Walker who's a professional, keeps me updated on the progress on the set up. One of the reason why I think he's a true professional. I've never asked him for a pic and he sends them to keep me informed. Also, he's awesome about meeting his time frame (he's would of finished it all but he's waiting on few things I've ordered.. so, its my fault).

Anyhow, he sent these pics of the wastegate setup.. But there is a chance we might change it up a bit.

April 5th, 2012 - Its been awhile since I last updated and I have quite a bit to post up.

To start, I got my Radiator and the core from Bell Intercoolers (

MPFab did some quick mock ups to see how its going to line up.

Not interested in a dry sump?
Dry sump for rotary is quite expensive and also requires 2 gallon reservoir tank. I considered it before but just couldn't justify at this point.

April 6th, 2012 - I been also working on the MB FD.

For the MB, I got hold of rare RE-Amemiya dual Dolphin tip catback.

i had a bit of an issue taking the old one out and took 4 hours vs. normal 30-45mins.. All because of this one nut!

Pic of installed catback (bad pic)

April 6th, 2012 Part B - MB Strut tower... AutoEXE

Front was fairly easy to put on.. Minus getting rid of Garfinkle brace.

Rear was bit more challenging as I had to cut the panels.




I also decided to put the Bose tube back in.. In someways, I kind of missed it :)



Wow...That is a MONSTER frackin' turbo, Phil! What are your HP & TQ goals at the wheels with this setup?

The fabrication work truly is beautiful, Walker is definitely an artist!

Is this RX-7 going to be mainly for events like SEMA in addition to Track Duty or are you going to drive it on the street as well...I wonder because of that Monster Turbo and V-mount setup...Also, I'm unfamiliar with Bell Intercoolers, why have you chosen them? Sponsor?

As for your MB FD...Lovin' the new look!

Thanks Antione! My goal is 800whp. We shall see if I can achieve this.... on E85 with about 15,000cc of injectors :)

Anyhow, I'm going to start updating this thread some more..

OK... Well, I'm going to start updating this thread a bit more regularly since I'm starting to wind down.

To start, My event, DGRR 2012 Happened in Mid April and I was concentrating on that..
We had a great turn out and I think many rotary guys had great time. More information about this event, goto:

I also got pulled over by TN LEO.. but did finally got to drive on the Dragon (been 4 years).

The unfortunate part was I blew two PowerFC's the very last day when I was about to roll back home. Luckily help of rotary friends and DGRR sponsors, I was able to limp back home vs. tow truck.

Here are the list of DGRR 2012 sponsors. Please support these vendors who support my event.



13bT Mazda B2600i
Well that makes me really happy to hear that Chris Ludwig is working on this!

Ive been in contact with him fir certain things, and u using him helps in my decisions...
Well that makes me really happy to hear that Chris Ludwig is working on this!

Ive been in contact with him fir certain things, and u using him helps in my decisions...
Chris Ludwig is a great guy and I highly recommend him for any wiring you need. I like how professional he is and how he handles his business.. Very rare to see such a professional in today's plethora of so called 'professional' shops/companies.

Anyhow, during my time off, I made a carbon license plate for the SSM 99 bumper... Finally!



well and that you had a great turnout...I hope to attend someday...Looking forward to your updates...800whp here we come![/COLOR]
Definitely try Antoine!!

More update to catch up til NOW.

More pics of my car from DGRR 2012...

Me on the Dragon at DGRR 2012

Then I showed my MB FD at the Formula Drift under Exedy Clutch tent.

And little update on the project car..

Waiting on few things..
About a month ago, me and a local photographer decided to shoot my car early morning in Bham, AL area.. This was some of the results.


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