Guide Programming Mazda CX-5 keys

2015 Mazda Cx-5 Touring Sport 2.5l AWD
Just got my F100 from AliExpress 115$ 2 weeks shipping. Worked flawlessly. The all key lost function did not work, probably because i had one working key. I believe I chose start ignition and then it asked to erase all keys, and followed the prompts after 2 min-literally, I had two working keys. I had the red key symbol flashing at first, possibly bc i had two working keys in the vehicle. I think ill be able to cut the ebay key on my reg key cutting machine at work, forget the 70$ at the dealership. Ill be able to tell right away if its going south cutting it. This is all on my 2015 cx-5 key fobs with lock, unlock, and panic.
My 2014 CX-5 does not have Smart key , and has 4 buttons
has anyone tried programming the smartkey version of the FOB on the not smartkey car?

based on the VIN number
Mazda parts offers this for replacement
Transmitter - Mazda Part# KDY3-67-5DY FCC ID WAZSKE13D01

Would any 3 button remote with the fcc id work on this car ?
does the smartkey version part GJY9-67-5DY work with this car as well, same FCC ID?