Problem pairing phone to car

Mazda 2
Hi All

I'm new to the forum, so 'hello' other members

I have a 2016 Mazda 2 sport Nav. My phone (a Oneplus) was paired with the car without issue about 6 weeks ago when i bought it.

Over the weekend it lost its pairing and now I cannot re-pair it (driving me nuts!). Each time I try I get the attached message on the screen IMG_20160523_190259.jpg

I have done a factory reset of the nav system, removed the phone and re-added and have also tested with my sons phone which is fine

Any suggestions will be gratefully received and thanks in advance
Mazda CX7 2011
Have you got this issue corrected? If not, I think this is an issue with phone bluetooth. I had similar issue in the past and got it solved only after resetting the phone. You could give a try, after taking the data backup of course. (cheers)