Post what you paid for your Mazda6

Just curious based on Supply/Demand...

Color / Trim / Package (optional) - "Drive off the lot price with tax/tag/etc"

I have checked many threads and there appears to be great fluctuation, maybe if this gets a lot of replies, it could get stickied.
2013 Mazda6 Touring wagon
Well, I'm slightly embarrassed to reveal what I paid for my Soul red petrol Touring Wagon automatic (we can't buy a manual in this new model here sob, sob!), but then again I am in Australia, where we have a population around 23M (not including illegal immigrants!). We get ripped for just about everything! Anyway, I paid $42,000, but that included a few options (tow-bar, roof racks, tinting, bonnet protector and headlight protectors). It also came standard with leather, sat-nav, Bose audio, electric seats, front & rear parking sensors. I'll post some pics when I get around to washing it.

Oh, and don't let me have to read complaints about accessory prices in USA! Would you belive we pay: $205 for floor mats, $110 for bonnet protector, $465 for roof racks, $910 for a tow bar etc, etc...WTF!

Just a quick one...why is this model designated as 2014 in USA? We (along with just about everywhere else) call it a 2013 as it was made in 2013. I'm confused.....
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In the US, federal law states that a 2014 can go go for sale as early as January 1, 2013. To not cause too great a dissonance between model years across all markets, Mazda designated US model mazda 6's as 2014's though in your market they designated them 2013's (possibly due to legal mandate, I don't know). In the US, we are also into the 2014 CX-5 model year, and the "6" was released as a new model shortly after release of the '14 CX-5, so designating it as a 2013 here would imply it's an older model than the '14 CX-5, which is simply is not true.

Where I get confused is that you all get the wagon, and we do not, so don't get worry too much about model year and enjoy your new "6" wagon.
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2013 Mazda6 Touring wagon
Hey Bad, thanks for clearing that up. Yep, I wouldn't have bought the new model if a wagon wasn't available as I have kids. Interestingly, the wagon has a shorter wheelbase than the sedan, supposedly for sportiness reasons. My previous car was a 2008(2009) manual hatch which I loved until the cruise control failed to disengage at 110 klms/hour and launched me into a fully laden semi. I survived but the car didn't.....
2014 Mazda 6 / Meteor Gray / Touring Manual / no accessories - just going to add what I want. Only 4 miles on car when picked up. Paid $24,760 out the door w/TTL. Located in Western Washington state.
2014 GT Soul Red w/ Black interior.

MSRP: $30,827
Paid: $28,593 @ 1.9% for 60 months. 10k down. (It was ~$30,500 OTD)

First couple maintenance visits free.
2014 Mazda6
$25k Touring with Nav and lip spoiler. That's out the door and include tax, title and "freight". Included my awesome negotiating skills and owner loyality... They also bought my post-wrecked/repaired VW CC for $15k. 2.9% for 72 months... Watch out for the gap insurance. That will stealthy add almost $1k on to your loan balance when you get your first statement, you can ask for that back after about 30-60 days. It pays for the difference if you total the car vs. what the insurance will pay for it. AKA, the MOST expensive insurance on the planet for what it covers!
2014 mazda 6 sport at
Black Sport. Paid Sticker. 25200 out the door. Got first one on lot. They did pay off my trade in completely for no negative equity. $2500 difference.
2014 Mazda6 Touring
Soul red Touring with Tech pkg, spoiler, dash mat, sunshade, trunk net...$26,311 before owner loyalty, tax and license.


Red ones go Fasta!
Red 2014 Mazda 6
Soul Red GT w/ MRCC and Nav. 30k before owner loyalty.
got 2k for my CX-9 lease trade-in
got 7k for the wifes 2006 3i
signed for 20k out the door.
2014 Mazda 6 Sport
Reflex Blue Sport w/ fogs, spoiler, splash guards, rubber mats, rubber trunk mat: approx. $22.5K including tax (Costco member pricing)
about 26,150 OTD, touring no tech, AT, 3miles on odo. 1st of May. the prices have gone down a lot since, plus 1st day of the month don't help, haha
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27,200 out the door, Touring with Tech Package, rear spoiler, door sills, rear bumper guard, rear bumper parking sensors, mag locks...probably could have fanangled a little more on price, but stopping only to "test drive the new Mazda 6" and the wife waiting through the ordeal rather impatiently, i went for the deal. Purchased last day of June. Hidden costs: Two to three days in the doghouse.
09 Mazda 5, 14 Mazda 6
$24,644 ( $23,644 after customer loyalty) on the last day of May for a Touring / 6 speed manual, with the parts of the Tech Package they're offering in the US. I took the 60 month, 2.99% Mazda loan.

I'm not entirely sure about the tech package, I got the keyless start, the blind spot monitoring, dual-zone climate control, and the big screen stereo with the backup camera, bluetooth and commander's knob.

I didn't get the iEloop, the distance-sensitive cruise control, the automatic wipers, or the auto-dimming mirrors.