Post Pictures of Your Mods, Upgrades and Accessories!



License plate bulb (stock right. Upgrade left.)
No link

Map lights(not pictured)
Fit is right. Look is good. Flickers a little when they are doing the fade-to-off but it doesn't flicker at all when in use. Only as it's fading off

Backup bulb (stock right. Upgrade left)
(Amazon says it doesn't fit. It does. It's a little long but it fits fine.)

Pedal Covers(dead pedal not installed. Waiting for floor mats)

Great fit, not too hard to get the brake pedal cover installed. Tough but doable. Soapy water would have helped a lot.

Silicone license plate frames(not pictured)
Easy install. Comes with a sweet little pry bar. Silent when driving over rough pavement and gravel roads. Totally worth it!

Trailer hitch, rear bumper guard, switchback led turn signals and floor mats coming soon.


Turn signal bulbs:

Floor mats:

Suggestions for a rear bumper guard with minimal chrome accents are welcome!
2014 CX-5 Touring
Did you notice the chrome bits peeling up at the end yet? I got a similar looking one on Amazon for $50 and it came with the adhesive holding the chrome strips to the black plastic already coming up a bit.
All looks fine on my car. If I have problems I'll probably just paint those strips.
Just a few things I have done to my 2015. I blacked out everything outside and 3M Carbon wrapped the chrome accents inside (ya it was the cheap way but the sun was horrible on the chrome). The chromed emblems on the back have since been removed, the taillights are a smoked tint and the headlights/fog lights had a protective clear film on them to help against the fade/dingy old look they can get. Shortly after I got caught in a hail storm and had to replace many parts including my headlight so I decided at that point to open the new ones and black them out. I tinted all the windows immediately after buying but sadly I don't remember the levels. Upgraded the hood struts, and installed and front and back roof camera as well as an internal view camera so you can see inside the cab for and side accident views as well as uber safety. I currently still have them on my car. I also took the bumper off when I upgraded the condenser and put on black mesh wire so no rocks went through the grille, I upgraded the stock stereo to another with apple car play/AA, and I also added a tow package myself for future use. I will post the inside of my baby later I cant find any photos on this computer at the moment. Oh and I finally went girly and put rainbow 3D vinyl on my sunroof 🤪

Im currently looking into the splash guards, window deflectors, back hatch light inserts instead of that tiiiiny one on the side, rear bumper guard.


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